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A Solution for IBS

What is This

IBS is a common, under-diagnosed gastrointestinal condition. This is the long awaited solution.

Developed by healthcare professionals, based on a mountain of scientific evidence, this is an app that will lead you through the most effective treatment pathway for IBS.

Do you ever feel like this?

Sad IBS Woman

ALONE - No one seems to understand how you feel

UNHEARD - People don't seem to be really listening to you

FRUSTRATED - Fed up of conflicting advice

ANXIOUS - IBS is stopping you from living the life you want

Imagine, you could feel like this

RELIEVED - A solution that works

INFORMED - Get the best clinical information in your corner

CONFIDENT - You CAN have the life you want with IBS

VALUED - We know you’re unique and that’s why we tailor advice to you

Happy IBS Woman

How it Works

Log Symptoms

IBS can be full of confusing patterns. Log your daily symptoms and diet to help demystify your condition.

IBS-Friendly Recipes

Our dietitian and recipe developer, Rachel, has developed a series of IBS friendly recipes just for you - they're delicious!

Video + Audiocast Series

Our accomplished IBS dietitians will guide you through your IBS journey towards relief.

3 Stage FODMAP Diet

Designed for those who’ve been stuck on the Low FODMAP Diet for months or even years, this step-by-step approach will help you to successfully undertake dietary reintroductions and to stop avoiding foods you don’t have to.