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Take the Screening Quiz now to learn the type of IBS that you might be suffering from

The screening quiz has been designed to minimise risks associated with self-managing IBS. It does not replace the relationship with your healthcare practice or service. It does not have any diagnostic capability. My Gut Solution strongly recommends that your medical doctor provide you with an IBS diagnosis before engaging with our solution.

You can download the app for free from the links below, but you'll also need a license code to register, which we'll send out for free based on your screening form results - fill in the screening form now:

If you've passed the screening tool, we'll email you a license code as soon as we can. In the mean time, download the My Gut Solution app on your phone:

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Our screening tool was informed by the HSE Cancer Guidelines, Ovarian Cancer Referral Guidelines, NICE Suspected cancer: Recognition and Referral as well as The Rome Foundation, Rome IV.

References: resources/gpreferrals/ovarian-cancer-referral-guidelines.pdf functional-gastrointestinal- disorders-history-pathophysiology-clinical-features-and-rome-iv.pdf guidance/ng12/resources