Our Story

Our Story

An Ireland-based startup, My Gut Solution was created by Registered Consultant IBS Dietitian, Aoife Hanna in 2019. But the story started long before that. In 2016, Aoife met and was inspired by her co-founder Ian Coleman. At that time Aoife was running her own dietetic practice, helping many patients with various medical conditions. An audit of her clinic showed that more than 40% of her patients were there because of IBS! At the time, Ian was building a software company that aimed to connect patients with their healthcare professionals - virtually. They both were acutely aware that there were thousands of people out there who couldn’t get access to a dietitian for help and support with diet-driven diseases and syndromes. Aoife was the happy guinea-pig to provide dietetic consultations on Ian's platform. But then life happened, Aoife moved to Cork and Ian went to America.

Aoife continued to scratch away at an idea she had; how best you could make an IBS dietetic service more accessible to everyone? Moving into 2018 she developed various versions of online IBS programmes and helped people improve their IBS symptoms all through remote support. Thinking bigger and better, she then came up with the idea of putting a dietitian in your pocket in the form of the My Gut Solution App! Fate brought Ian and Aoife back together in 2019 and they’ve been unstoppable since. Ian’s techy skills and grounded mindset compliments Aoife’s (sometimes over-) enthusiastic optimism and clinical background. Growing our team to include Niall Moloney was the beginning to My Gut Solution feeling like a powerhouse of potential. Niall’s global vision is helping to steer the ship and get the My Gut Solution app into the hands of people it can help the most. We were then further delighted to be joined by Rachel Palmer RD and Leah Foyle ANutr. Both brilliant in their fields.


Our hard working team

Aoife Hanna

CEO & Founder

Aoife, founder and CEO, is a Registered Consultant Dietitian & Clinical Nutritionist with over ten years of dietetic experience. Aoife is obsessed with dietetics, her goal is to make dietetic services accessible to all. Aoife has worked as a dietitian in the NHS Wales, HSE Ireland, Uganda and New Zealand health service. She has also had the fortunate opportunity to work with several world-renowned companies such as Google and Microsoft. Always one to drag people into the trenches with her, Aoife has been lucky enough to attract a high calibre of passionate skilled professionals and mentors to join her on this journey.

Ian Coleman

CTO & Co-Founder

Ian, co-founder and CTO is a bioinformatician with significant startup experience including qualifying for Ireland’s Best Young Entrepreneur national final in 2014 and, separately, a 2018 acquisition. Ian has experience in developing and selling healthcare software, has carried out research with four of the World’s top-100 universities and has professionally generated bioinformatic health insights as part of a partner team to a global pharmaceutical company.

Niall Moloney

Clinical Lead & Co-Founder

A seasoned entrepreneur, sales director and dietitian, Niall has extensive experience in the startup world as well as in digital healthcare. Having set up his own successful health food brand in 2016, Niall raised money in both Ireland and the USA to fund the expansion of the brand. More recently Niall has turned his focus to the world of digital health and in particular IBS care. Having served as a senior member of the management team as VP Business Development in a similar health tech startup, Niall successfully developed a number of strategic partnerships across the medical, industrial and retail sectors. In particular, Niall has an extensive network in the clinical sector and large FMCG/Pharma companies. He has worked in partnership with some of the leading IBS medical institutes across the UK and US including London Digestive Clinic (HCA, Harley Street), King’s College Hospital, London, Michigan Medicine, John Hopkins University among others.

Rachel Palmer


Rachel is a registered dietitian who works as a community dietitian, providing tailored evidence-based nutrition advice to clients of all ages. From a young age, cooking and baking played a fundamental role in Rachel's life. Over the years, she developed her skills at home cooking with her mum whenever she could. She then progressed on to work in a top restaurant kitchen in Kinsale, Co. Cork, where she gained invaluable experience working with food. Rachel appreciates the value of excellent tasting food, which is simple, local and also nutritious.